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April 19, 2019

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February 24, 2011

As seen in Westchester Magazine
"Classic Fixtures"

photos and text by Leslie Long

In this issue, we honor our past with a portfolio of Westchester downtown businesses that still grace our streets from earlier times. Some continue to be run by the original families; others have evolved over time. With their classic storefronts, nostalgic signage, and years of experience, they remind us of days gone by—while still serving us today.


I.B. Cohen
525 Main St, New Rochelle

In 1888, Lithuanian immigrant Israel Ben Cohen opened his first men’s clothing store in Mamaroneck. After a few location changes, three of his sons—Nat, Lip, and Dave—opened the impressive store in 1941 that still stands today.

Today, Nat’s son, Lewis, and his wife, Maryce, carry brands like Hickey Freeman, which are as classic as the storefront itself (and an array of women’s clothing, too).

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