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April 22, 2019

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July 21, 2016

New Rochelle Artists’ Events Saturday:

Open Studio at Arts at 5 Anderson, 
Cooking Performance at Grand Market

Visitors Will Help With Hands-On Clay-Based Building Project in Studio

At the market, Artist Will Demonstrate Creating Brazilian Acarajé


Downtown New Rochelle’s summer Resident Artists will hold their July Open Studio event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 23, at Arts at 5 Anderson, where visitors will help create a clay-slab construction of their community. At the same time, the artists’ program will present a cultural cooking performance at the nearby Grand Market. The events are part of the joint arts initiative of the New Rochelle Downtown Business Improvement District and Residency Unlimited.


Artist Victoria Estok will host the Open Studio event Ideally Yours, collaborating with the public in re-imagining New Rochelle’s downtown area. Visitors are encouraged to join in the hands-on project at the studio, 5 Anderson Street, New Rochelle.

One block away, artist Thiago Goncalve will present a cultural cooking performance, featuring Acarajé, a traditional Brazilian shrimp dish, at the Grand Market. The market takes place each Saturday through October 29 at Ruby Dee Park on Library Green at Huguenot and Lawton streets.

The other Resident Artists – Meredith Degyansky, Brandy Bajalia, Wade Schaming and Stephanie Spitz – will be present at Arts at 5 Anderson to talk about how their art has been shaped by the context of New Rochelle.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Two art works that debuted as part of Art at 5 Anderson remain on display in the courtyard of the building. They are a work from artist Gustavo Prado's series, Measure of Dispersion, and artist Brandy Bajalia's installation Horizon Summer. Prado’s work uses a collection of concave mirrors to fragment images. Bajalia’s installation features sprigs of mint suspended from hundreds of strands of string.

The artists will continue to present new works throughout the summer, culminating at ArtsFest 2016, September 23-25, a project of the New Rochelle Council on the Arts.

The New Rochelle Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) is a non­profit association of over 800 business and property owners whose prime goal is economic development, new business and new investment. As part of its mission, the BID is also devoted to assuring clean and safe streets, adequate parking and exciting downtown activities and events. By creating a vital downtown experience, the BID focuses on attracting shoppers, recruiting new businesses, and providing enhanced services—it is pledged to preserve the charm and appeal of this commercial center as the historic heart of the greater New Rochelle community.

Residency Unlimited (RU) is a non­profit organization supporting the creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art through unique residency programs and year­round public programs. They forge strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions to offer customized residencies designed to meet the individual needs of participating artists and curators. Residents and communities benefit from their diverse network of partners, which allows for flexibility, customization and access to a wide range of services and resources including but not limited to studio/workspaces. RU is particularly committed to promoting multidisciplinary practices and building lasting connections between residents and the broader arts community.

Photos: The downtown New Rochelle summer resident artists program; Thiago Goncalve cooking; a work on display by artist Wade Schaming



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