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April 26, 2019

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June 19, 2013


What does raw mean to you? Uncooked? In its natural state? Pure or unadulterated? Find out what the artists of the New Rochelle Art Association think as they present works that may be a little rougher and edgier than usual.

Sara Furlong will be hanging her watercolors from clothespins. Sculptor B.A. D’Alessandro’s "The Climb Out of Hell" is an abstraction of a ladder without rungs emerging from spikes representing the perils of Hell. Glass artist Gina Kingsley will exhibit a bowl made from broken pieces of clear glass, holding shards of tempered glass. Artist Theresa Beyer will be showing mixed media pieces inspired by the cicada invasion that wasn't as well as other summer insects. Sr. Anne Dillen has two pieces, "Ecology Ignored", features objects thrown into the gutter, and "Victoria's Secret," which depicts the direct opposite concept of a woman from that featured in the lingerie company's ads. Artist Megan Cowan will be exhibiting a mixed media collage titled ‘What is Love?’ Artist member Sherri Paul will show an oil painting of two countermen and a large roast beef at Katz's deli in NYC. Artist and president of the NRAA Jesse Sanchez will show two mixed media works; “The Kiss of Judas” and “Rachel Weeps”, both inspired by scripture passages.

Mr. Sanchez says of the show, “The NRAA boasts of excellence and tradition going back 100 years, and rightly so. The RAW show is our way of getting away from our usual elegancgallery roc.jpge and restraint and addressing more contemporary art world issues such as site specific installation, direct expression, statement-based and alternatively presented work. We are letting our raw talent take over.”

The artists of the New Rochelle Art Association will be showing their raw work at a pop-up gallery at 2 Division Street in New Rochelle. Gallery hours are Friday, June 28, 6 – 9 p.m. and Saturday, June 29, noon to 6 p.m.

Take advantage of the newly opened Saturday New Rochelle BID Grand Market and an open studio walk to see the best that New Rochelle has to offer.

The New Rochelle Art Association was founded in 1912  “to further the interest in Art in the Community, to establish through public exhibitions an educational standard in the Fine Arts, to safeguard the public interest in matters pertaining to the Fine Arts, to improve the administration of the public departments relating to the Fine Arts and to interest itself in all matters pertaining to the practice of the Fine Arts in Painting, Sculpture, Illustration, Crafts, Photography, and Digital Art.” Please visit www.nraaonline.org

Contact info:
President of the NRAA Jesse Sanchez at jsanchez@mindspring.com or 914-664-0520

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