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April 22, 2019

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July 17, 2014


press_mahl.gifMahlstedt Gallery is pleased to announce the exclusive representation of the award-winning artist Maurice Sapiro, whose works have been exhibited in various exhibitions throughout NYC and the northeast region. Currently living in Connecticut, Sapiro has been painting Realism still lifes for over 60 years and continues to amaze and inspire art enthusiasts with his unique ability to capture and translate nature through light and color.

For information please contact the gallery at 914.246.0526 or email art@jam415.com

The Mahlstedt Gallery is dedicated to displaying contemporary artwork by international artists. The focus of the gallery is developing cutting edge exhibitions that incite visual, emotional, social and aesthetic dialogues with the community. With alliances from across the globe, the gallery is the platform for new levels of cross-cultural exchange at an eminent arts' district in the greater Westchester area. In an art world where communication is so varied, the gallery's ambitious exhibition program provides a unified language which visually transcends artistic expressions at all levels.

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