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April 22, 2019

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February 2, 2012


New Rochelle Business Improvement District (BID)
41 Westchester Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801
Ralph DiBart, Executive Director

New Rochelle BID realizes more than $100,000 in Annual Energy Savings for Downtown Property and Business Owners

Downtown Owners Do Well by Doing Good!

Thursday February 2, 2012, New Rochelle, New York—Downtown New Rochelle business and property owners participating in the New Rochelle BID Energy Savings Program with Con Edison are collectively saving more than $100,000 annually on their electric bills. They are doing this by reducing their energy consumption by more than 625,000 kilowatt hours, equivalent to more than ninety (90) average households’ annual energy consumption and to almost a million (1,000,000) fewer pounds of CO2 emissions. In addition, they are accomplishing these energy savings while improving the quality of their lighting and extending the life span of their equipment, lowering replacements costs.

In the spring of 2011 the New Rochelle BID launched its Downtown New Rochelle Small Business Support Program, an array of technical support, business loans, marketing opportunities, and energy conservation incentives to downtown businesses and restaurants. One of these programs was the BID’s Energy Savings Initiative. 

The BID, working with the Con Edison  Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and their representative Lippolis Electric Inc., provided free energy audits that offered recommendations for lighting and basic equipment improvements which can significantly lower energy and operating costs. Con Edison pays 70% of the cost for the one time improvements for approved projects.

Ralph DiBart stated: “Downtown New Rochelle business and property owners are doing well by doing good. While lowering their business operating costs through considerable energy savings, they are also helping our environment, and benefiting the entire community. We have been informed that, to date, our program represents savings equivalent to more than 85 fewer cars on the road and more than 120 acres of trees planted. This BID program is a great partnership with downtown business and property owners and Con Edison.

Mr. DiBart noted that the program succeeded because of the generous one-time upgrade abatement being offered by Con Ed and, equally importantly, the expert analysis and installation follow-up of Lippolis Electric, Inc. “I have seen this Con Ed Program advertised, but having a knowledgeable and professional working partner like Anthony Galletta and Lippolis Electric, Inc. enables us to provide businesses with answers to their questions, implement the improvements quickly and painlessly, and be assured that the savings predicted are accomplished. Their sensitivity to the quality of the light that different businesses, from jewelry stores to restaurants to retail establishments, require, helped win the support of businesses, and after implementation, resulted in satisfied owners.”

Mayor Noam Bramson stated "The BID's partnership with Con Ed demonstrates that good business decisions can also be good for the environment. I applaud that many business and property owners who are seizing this opportunity to save money, while also advancing New Rochelle's overall sustainability goals."

Jonathan Newman of Liebman’s Children Clothing who has participated in a number of the BID’s Small Business Support Initiatives stated: “I was surprised at both how easy it was to participate in this program and of course at the immediate savings I experienced in my store. Ralph came in and introduced Anthony Galletta from Lippolis Electric, Inc. who conducted a thorough audit, then returned in a few days to present me with the improvements recommended, the savings I would realize, and the payback period based on my 30 percent share of the cost which ended up being in months, not years. Given the BID’s track record of presenting downtown business with good programs I decided to go forward. The implementation by Lippolis Electric occurred the following week. They were so careful and considerate that there was no disruption to my business. I have been pleased that the energy cost savings they predicted have held true. I have paid back my investment and will reap all future savings as lower operating costs.  I was pleasantly surprised that in addition to paying less, I had also gotten considerable better lighting in my store. And, of course, dealing with children in my business, I am happy that we are helping to preserve the environment the children will inherit. It certainly has been a win-win-win undertaking.”

Anthony Galletta from Lippolis Electric, Inc.
demonstrates different types of lighting to
Patrick Brown of AOC Wines New Rochelle.

Downtown’s AOC Fine Wines at the corner of Huguenot and Division Streets is another business that is saving energy and lowering its operation costs. A wine boutique, specializing in artisanal wines from around the world and offering extensive customer services ranging from wine tastings to wine classes, was concerned about how the lighting would affect the look of their beautifully designed store. Owner Emmanuel Dupuy D’Angeac stated, “Of course we wanted to lower our energy costs but not at the expense of the special environment we have created in our store. The BID and Lippolis Electric visited to demonstrate that different types of lights could accomplish the look that we wanted. We are happy with the result and at the energy savings. A surprise was that the new lights throw off less heat which will result in lowering our need for air conditioning and accordingly additional savings. This is a great BID/Con Ed program which all businesses should consider.”

Anthony Galletta of Lippolis Electric, Inc., the lead representative of the “Green Team” for this Con Ed Program stated, “We have been working with this Con Ed program throughout the region, and have been impressed at the significant number businesses and property owners in downtown New Rochelle who are participating. Partnering with the BID has made the difference; their reputation in downtown New Rochelle has won the participation of business and building owners who otherwise would not have participated. We have far exceeded our expectations for energy conservation in Downtown in this program. The level of participation surprised us and even Con Ed.”

Ralph DiBart reported that the Con Ed program has just been extended to the Spring. Interested business should contact the New Rochelle BID.

The BID is actively improving downtown with popular initiatives such as its Façade Improvement Program, Clean Streets Crew, Artist Spaces Program, and events ranging from Music on the Green to BID Family Days. The BID constantly pursues new programs to help businesses and property owners and to encourage people to frequent downtown. The BID’s goals are to promote economic development, provide sanitation services, beautify public spaces, create enhanced technology services, pursue the historic restoration of building facades,  and support the attraction of new and the retention of existing businesses in Downtown New Rochelle. In its nine year history, the BID’s efforts have resulted in $80 million of new, private, taxpaying downtown development and more than $1 million in grants.

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