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by Amy Bach & Candida Canfield
November 29, 2009

A Westchester native, Amy Bach is Executive Chef at Dinner in Hand, a New Rochelle based full-service caterer. She was Chef at Abigail Kirsch Culinary Productions and a Chef/Instructor at MacMenamin’s Grill and Chef Works in New Rochelle. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Amy also worked as a custom Jewelry designer for almost 15 years developing her eye for aesthetic details which she now brings to her catering masterpieces. Together, with New Rochelle resident Candida Canfield, President of Dinner in Hand, she recently discovered Downtown’s Tapestry Design.

I was driving down Main Street last week, slowly, because of traffic, and was gazing at local stores when I noticed Consign It on Main/Tapestry Design. The spectacular windows filled with floral displays, artfully staged with antiques, furniture and accessories, really caught my eye. It looked like the windows belonged to one of the stores along my favorite shopping street when I lived in New York City, Madison Avenue.

DecBestBets_AmyTim.jpgLater that week I visited the BID Downtown Showcase and was impressed with what the designers had accomplished using only downtown businesses. I’m a totally visual person and in my catering work at Dinner at Hand, I know that attention to all details of presentation—color, composition, texture—is critical, so the lush floral arrangements and gorgeous table settings immediately caught my eye. When I read the designer biographies that the BID had provided in the Showcase apartment I realized that the person responsible for this was Tim McVey, the owner of the same Tapestry Design whose windows I had just admired the previous week.

In his biography I learned that before starting Tapestry Design, Tim had worked as an event planner in the Washington DC area designing many important weddings and social occasions ranging from Corina Gore’s engagement reception and inaugural balls celebrating President Clinton’s second inauguration, to staging and orchestrating the corporate hospitality tents at the prestigious U.S. Open at Congressional Country. I discovered that, upon moving to New York, Tim was the Event Designer at the renowned Russian Tea Room, planning everything from room décor to entertainment as well as doing the spectacular holiday decorating at Tavern on the Green in Central Park which has become a holiday icon.

I knew then that I had to meet this very talented man. And I knew that Dinner at Hand’s Candida Canfield had to also.

DecBestBets_TimAmyCandida.jpgSo we made an appointment with Tim. As we walked into the store it was wonderful to discover that those spectacular Consign It on Main and Tapestry Design windows were (please pardon the food pun) just the icing on the cake. Gorgeous antiques and furniture were set off by spectacular floral displays and holiday decorations. Tim was decorating one of several Christmas trees any of which could be in Tiffany’s. We sat down at one of the beautifully set tables that he stages to display his work. Candida and I felt immediately that we had met a very talented design professional with the same high standards of quality and customer service on which we have based our business.

Tim discussed the array of services he offers clients. These include selling his unique and beautiful floral bouquets and tabletop accessories, decorating and staging parties in people’s homes, and planning and executing major events. He said that just that morning he had received a thank you phone call from a husband who had purchased one of his floral arrangements for his wife and who reported that it made him very popular at home. We discussed a Christmas Eve dinner party that he was organizing for 25 people in a client’s home and a large Bar Mitzvah celebration for a family who was taking over an entire theater for the event. Regardless of the size of the event we discussed the need to be attentive to details and to listen to the customer’s needs.

consignitCandida and I decided that we had upcoming events where Tim’s talents would complement the catering services that we provide our clients. I think that this may be the start of a great professional relationship. If you are in the market for very special floral arrangements, tabletop accessories and decorations, or design services at any level, go right to Tim Mcvey.
Thank you Main Street traffic and thank you BID Downtown Showcase for leading us to Tapestry Design.

Amy Bach and Candida Canfield

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